Who Visits My Blog?

WordPress has started reporting visitors by country on the stats page, and today I was struck by the fact that I have no less than 11 visitors from Kuwait. I wonder what suddenly makes me so famous in Kuwait?

Normally, my visitors come from the US, Sweden, Canada and the UK (in that order), with stray visits from Norway, Finland, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, France, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Russia, Moldova, Germany, Poland, Taiwan, South Africa, Kenya, Jersey, Lebanon, Thailand, Spain and Denmark. (I surprises me slightly that I have had only one visitor from Denmark.)

On my Swedish blog Sweden of course dominates, with Norway, Finland, Germany and the UK following next. And, apart from the countries mentioned above, there are stray visits from the Netherlands, Tunisia, Nigeria, Brazil, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

Am I on my way to becoming world famous?