Is This Blog Popular?

“Would you say your blog is more popular than it has ever been?” I was asked this question in an e-mail yesterday, so I took a look at my monthly statistics and I found the interest in my blog is indeed growing.

I wrote my first blog post in October 2010 and got 33 visits. The next month I wrote nothing and got 4 visits. There was a peak in April 2011 with 162 visits, and another in August 2011 with 311 visits. The next peak was in October 2011 with 588 visits, and in May 2012 I had 605 visits. And last month I had 636 visits. This month, it is slightly lower, but there are a couple of days left. – Anyway, from hardly any visits to around 600 per month, that is progress.

I also took a look at what posts are most popular, and here is a “top ten” list:

Paul Krugman’s Dishonesty (251)

Whose Premises Should One Check? (195)

A Belated Open Letter to Ayn Rand on Fractional Reserve Banking (172)

Aristotle on Friendship (171)

Aristotle on Egoism (167)

A Short Word on Hans-Hermann Hoppe (147)

Fractional Reserve Banking Yesterday and Today (134)

What if the One Percent Shrugs? (107)

George Reisman 75 Years (107)

A Weird Confusion About Concept Formation (106)

My visitors come from 76 different countries. The United States tops this list, followed by Sweden, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and India.

The statistics on my Swedish blog vary from about 500 to about 1000 visits per month. And it also has visitors from all over the world: 53 different countries. (There are of course Swedes who live abroad; but it is more likely that some people take a peek at my Swedish blog and then leave it when they realize they don’t understand the language.)

Maybe I’m on my way to becoming world famous?


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