Communism vs. Capitalism

This is an old Soviet poster depicting the difference between communism and capitalism. To the left, the exploited worker under capitalism; to the right, the same worker under communism. See anything wrong here?Bild

I got this picture from Wladimir Kraus on Facebook. I quote his comment:

This Soviet poster describes lives under capitalism and socialist USSR.

Under capitalism: the overworked worker is barely able to survive on his meager wage, while the fat capitalist sits on sacks of gold–wealth serving his greed and war lust.

Under socialism: a well-fed and well-dressed worker is happily carrying loads of merchandise; in the background are university, cinema, factories–wealth serving the masses.

Of course, by now everybody knows that nothing could be further from the truth. It is, to be precise, exactly the opposite! Still, it seems that little has changed in the public’s fundamental understanding of how capitalism operates and whom it benefits.

Under capitalism capitalist wealth is at the service of the buying public, i.e. the workers. Workers far from being exploited by that capital are directly benefited by the wealth of the richest capitalists precisely because they do not keep that wealth in the form of cash (or gold) but invest it in capital goods and use it to pay wages.

My own comment is that this would be funny, if it weren’t tragic. There are still people who believe the worker is exploited under capitalism and that communism will pour a horn of plenty on him. That this is praxeologically wrong may be hard to see for those unacquainted with sound economics; but is it really hard to see that it is empirically wrong?

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