Cause for Celebration?

This blog has just passed the 10 000 visits mark. Not much to brag about, but I thought I should mention it.

Visitors are from all over the world, but most of them from the US and Sweden and quite a few from the UK, Canada, India and Australia.

Most popular blog posts, with more than 200 visits, are:

Paul Krugman’s Dishonesty

Aristotle on Egoism

Aristotle on Friendship

A Belated Open Letter to Ayn Rand on Fractional Reserve Banking

A Short Word on Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Whose Premises Should One Check?

Among the least popular posts are:

Ludwig von Mises on Buying Soap

The Madness of Environmentalism

The Price and Wage Spiral

Aristotle on Youth and Old Age

(People ought to be more interested in those subjects…)

My Swedish blog, that was started at the same time (October 2010) has had more than 27 000 visits so far, but then I have been more busy blogging in Swedish than in English.

I also have a blog called George Reisman in Swedish, where I publish my translations of Reisman’s essays, but it has had only 1600 visits so far, which is a pity.


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