My Life as a Translator

As you probably know, I was engaged for many years in translating Ayn Rand into Swedish. This took a sorry end some years ago, when Leonard Peikoff threatened to sue me if I continued, and this in its turn was because I sided with George Reisman in his conflict with Peikoff and some other “Objectivist luminaries”. Under this heading I will publish what I had to say about this.

Leonard Peikoff Takes Legal Action
Answer to Leonard Peikoff and His Attorneys

Update June 13, 2014: There is more on the background to this on my web site:

Why I Do Not Support the “Official” Objectivist “Movement”
Open Letter to Leonard Peikoff
My Final Words to Michael Berliner
Leonard Peikoff on “Warring Friends”
Reisman vs. Binswanger on “The Real Right to Medical Care”
Correspondence with Second Renaissance Books
Letter to Robert Stubblefield
Reisman Insights Without George Reisman
Hatred of George Reisman for Being George Reisman
More Reisman Insights Without George Reisman
“””Real Objectivism””” Raises Its Ugly Head

Since I do not want to spend the remaining few decades of my life on senseless quarrels, I will deactivate comments on those pages. If you want to hear the other side on this issue, you should contact Leonard Peikoff, Harry Binswanger and/or Peter Schwartz.





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